How to deal with abuse, phishing, or spam in Hotmail?

How to deal with abuse, phishing, or spam in Hotmail?  If you find that your Hotmail account is not well-protected when you constantly receive suspicious-looking emails that ask you to send personal information, you are highly likely to suffer phishing scams. Try the following steps to prevent this.

How to report a phishing scam?

  1. As usual, open your Hotmail account by entering your phone number or Skype address and password.

  2. Go to Inbox, select the desired email that you want to mark as a phishing scam. 

    Then click on Junk on the command bar.

  3. Then head to Junk Emails¸ re-select that email and then choose Not Junk on the command bar between Delete and Block.

    To keep junk emails out of your inbox, read this: How to block junk emails in Hotmail.

  4. Finally, select Phishing in the drop-down.

  5. Click on the Report button at bottom of the box Thanks for reporting.

How to protect yourself from phishing scams?

A phishing scam appears to be legitimate, but it is actually an attempt to steal your personal information and then your money.

The followings are the most common ways to keep yourself away from phishing.

  • Don’t reply to an email that asks you to send personal or account information.
  • If you receive an email that looks suspicious or asks you for this type of information, never click links that supposedly take you to a company website.
  • Never open any file attached to a suspicious-looking email.
  • Search the web for the email subject line followed by the word hoax to see if anyone else has reported this scam.
  • In case the email appears to come from a company, contact the company's customer service via phone or web browser to see whether the email is legitimate.

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